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‘Bluebird’ is our 1960’s Eurocamper, bought online on a whim. We made the journey from Falmouth to Kent, praying we hadn’t just bought a pup! 14 hours later we found ourselves checking into a motel on the M25, spending most of the night attempting to get the caravan lights to stay on for more than 2 minutes at a time.


Suffice to say we made it back without being pulled over by the police–hurrah! Then the fun began! After stripping her back to her shell we realised we had taken on a little more than we’d realised…! Nevertheless, we are determined people and our plan to use Bluebird as our little travelling pop-up shop is still moving forward–all be it slowly. We  are now at the stage where we have replaced all of the rotten timbers, making her stable once more. The next job is to give her a good lick of paint; of course causing a current point of contention between Lara and I.

To see the progress of bluebird keep popping back to this page where we will keep everyone updated. Fingers crossed by the new year we hope to see our little Bluebird on the road and gracing fields at festivals and faits.

Latest Update

Bluebird becomes a venue for the night as it houses resident DJ Paul for the opening of Marmajars Cafe.

Having been ignored slightly over the past month with the building of Marmajars, we felt it time to bring Bluebird back to life even if only for a few hours. The floor was put back in temporarily to house DJ Paul and his son, who took centre stage spinning records and playing some great tunes.